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Each section has loads of links to help you investigate a college more thoroughly.

Evaluation tips The Super Six
Evaluating a college

 Evaulation tips
#1 Your reasons
What were looking for fin your original college search?

# 2 Compare
Compare your college choices on basic info and crime.

#3 Inputs
Look at majors and student experiences at a college.

#4 Vibe
What issues are percolating at the college?
# 5 Visit
Trust your gut, get to campus...if not physically try the cyberways. 
# 6 Outputs
What do students do after graduation?

In the old days, you would get your college acceptance in a “fat envelope”. Although the fat email does not quiet feel the same, it does represent the big accomplishment: You have gotten into college during one of the mot competitive times ever. Congratulations! You should celebrate and acknowledge your own success and thank the people who helped you along the way. Now you have a tough choice: making the decision by May 1. But how to choose?
This guide aims to provide questions and links to help you investigate. It comes down to a series of questions:
  1. How does this college fit with your original reasons for going to college?
  2. What is the quality of life and experience on campus like?
  3. How strong are the teaching, majors, student services etc.  
  4. What do people who go there think?
  5. What do students do after graduation?