Step What to do Homework comments
1 JOB-O finish the JOB-O this is an introductory pencil and paper test
2 Web based self examinations complete a total of three tests Click here
3 Research three specific careers prepare your presentation click here
4 presentation self-evaluation click here

Step 2: 

Web based self-examinations

Instructions: You must compelte at least one from each column. 

Check out these Hot Links to Discover Your Potential

What type of person are you
Do one from this column
Do one from this column
Welcome to the Temperament Sorter
Keirsey has a more extensive, but also more complicated, site. It has explanations of Personality Type, and lengthy descriptions of the various temperaments. . The site is interactive, and once you've answered its questions, it gives its results to you in Myers-Briggs Personality Type language ("you are an ENFP") with colored graphs. All to the good. The bad news is: You have to go to several places within the site, before you can find out what it all means, for you.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Alternative language versions & temperament profiles
This is a wonderful profiler that is available in several languages. 
You will need to look up more info on your type here:
Type Logic
for further info click on
in families
on learning
and finally click here and you can enter your code and  get a quick summary


Enter the Mazemaster
Enneagram Type Indicator - Personality Test

This is another highly popular test or instrument, these days, though how much it has to say about career-choice is also in wide debate. We can say this much: Career choice is always a search for the self, and for work more fitting to that self. In that sense, the Enneagram at the very least has career implications, and is useful for stimulating self-awareness, self-observation and growth.

Here are two sites based on Holland codes:

The Career Zone has a very simple method try it out...

and the University of Missouri has another

Multiple Intelligences
Transferable Skills Inventory
7 tests to Discover Yourself
Career Toolbox - Work Interest Quiz set up around military occupations, but still applies to the everyday world. 
the Career tool box from the government of canada offers a series of short quizzes that will quickly generate a listing of possible careers. You should probably do at least two of these.
This site kind covers some of the other areas, but still highly applicable.

Okay now that you have looked at who you are and what type of things you might enjoy...let's look at teh world of work and labour market information.

This is a simple


Career matters offers info

One of the best places to start is with the Occupational handbook from the US govt. It contains specific information on lots of great careers.   

Want to explore various occupations. The University of Manitoba offers a great and detailed website to help you get Career information. Each occupation has links to specific information sources on that career.

Indiana has a great Career's Page with lots of information on specific careers. 

IPL Teen Career Pathways: Offers more definitions.

You remember hearing someone once saying that they were a HYDROGRAPHER or you have a friend who wants to be a HISTOPATHOLOGIST and you want to see what that really is. Check out the Dictionary of Occupational Titles which was over 10,000 occupations defined...